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Women’s Health

Dr Siobhan Mc Donagh specialises in all areas of women's health. From Cardiovascular and Gynaecological concerns, to Skin Care and Bone Health.


Family Planning

At Prospect Health Centre we offer a wide range of family planning options. We offer advice and testing regarding fertility and conception and organise referrals for further investigations where appropriate.

We offer a wide range of contraceptive services including emergency contraception and referral for male/female sterilisation.


Antenatal Care

We offer advice and testing regarding fertility and conception. We are approved under the HSE's Mother and Infant Scheme to provide Combined Antenatal Care which consists of free doctor visits during your pregnancy. This scheme also covers two postnatal visits for both Mother and Infant. Link to HSE Maternity Benefit Application


Cervical Smear Tests

As part of the HSE Cervical Check Scheme free smear tests are available to women between the ages of 25 and 60. To register for your free smear test please phone
1800 454555 or log on to the website link below. Smear tests are carried out by Dr Siobhan McDonagh and our practice nurse Bairbre Duffy. We also offer private smear tests for any women outside the above criteria. Link to http://www.cervicalcheck.ie


Breast Checks

It is important for every woman to be breast aware. If there are any changes in your breasts at different times of the month you should recognise these changes. Early detection of any abnormalities means that treatment is more likely to be successful.
Discuss any concerns with your Doctor without delay. Link to http://www.breastcheck.ie



Menopause can cause a range of symptoms including hot flushes and night sweats, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, vaginal discomfort, headaches and mood swings. These symptoms can be treated and will eventually pass. Symptoms vary for all women and menopause can be a difficult time for some. At Prospect Health Centre we are available to offer advice, support and treatment as necessary for women experiencing difficult menopausal symptoms.


Sexual Health Screening

At Prospect Health Centre we offer a discrete and confidential screening service for sexually transmitted infections. We can screen for; diagnose and treat the common sexually transmitted infections in both women and men. Both male and female doctors are available for consultation on all sexual health matters.


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