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Skin Surgery

This is an effective way of treating verruccas and warts quickly using liquid nitrogen.
This procedure is carried out by Dr Colum Walsh and in most cases is covered by private healthcare insurers i.e. VHI, Laya & Aviva.

Suturing and Injuries
A wide range of minor injuries such as cuts and sprains can be effectively treated in Primary Care.

Dressing and wound care
At Prospect Health Centre we have a wide range of skills that ensure most long term treatment can be undertaken at a local level.

Joint Injections
Many conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendonitis can be effectively treated by injection to the affected joint. Dr. Colum Walsh undertakes these procedures and in most cases is covered by your health insurer.

Moles, cysts and sun related spots
Many skin lesions can be quickly and safely excised in the Primary Care setting. Dr. Colum Walsh is a member of the Primary Care Surgical Association of Ireland, and offers a range of services including biopsy, excisions and shave excisions of many common skin lesions. In most cases, the procedure is covered by your health insurer.


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